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About The Management Challenge

A Serious Simulation Game

The world of management is changing. Continuously. The way how we deal with an uncertain future and try to translate that to a successful business is a real management challenge. Are you ready and capable to meet this challenge? And maybe more important…. is your team ready?

Online Simulation Game

The Management Challenge is a Serious Simulation Game that gives you and your team more insights around Planning & Monitoring, Team Dynamics, Decision Making, Organizational Behavior, Dealing with Uncertainty and Managing Complexity.

Top Rated

The Management Challenge is top rated by Facilitators, Managers, HR Professionals, MBA Students and MD/OD Consultants. Played in more than 10 countries in the past 20 years and now available for everyone who really wants to learn through experience.

Key Topics

The Management Challenge addresses key topics like company vision-mission-strategy, integral management, sustainable leadership, multi stakeholder complexity, quality management, organizational excellence and much more.

Played with Teams

Teams, in competition, are managing their own company and have to make real decisions each quarter. Based on the online feedback provided they have to manage their business to a higher level. By working together, teams are learning how to manage Value Based Business Success.

You are the Facilitator

The Management Challenge is suitable for Management Events, MD programs and OD projects. You can play it with your own team or multiple teams or put it in use when you're an external consultant or facilitator.

Widely Employable

The Management Challenge is multi-language, suitable for profit and social profit (not for profit), can be played up to 100 participants and can be played in 1 hour up to two days depending on what you a your team wants to learn.

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We help you to understand how to play the game as a facilitator through our online courses and support forum.

Step 4: Use TMC in your practice

You can use TMC in Management Events, MD programs and OD projects and play it with one or multiple teams. You can buy team credits in our webshop for each team who wants to play The Management Challenge.


Training programs

We support facilitators of The Management Challenge with our online Training programs and additional support through our Forum. To access our Free Introduction Program you need to register as a Free Member. If you want to access all our Training programs, you need to register as a Paid Member.


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